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Keep ahead of your competitors ?
Cut costs ?
Increase profits ?
Reach peak efficiency and effectiveness ?
Achieve your goals ?
Realize your dreams ?
If you do, you have come to the right place.
Keep on reading.
If you are working in the hospitality industry would you like to have a system where you could connect and work with key industry players – travel  agents, financial, educational Institutes, corporate business, suppliers and individuals all at once at the click of a button even when you are at home.
 This system is available today. Now.
We have created a platform to connect the entire hospitality industry to deliver a more efficient, effective, and productive experience for you.
This platform is called Sapro Hotel management ERP, also known as Hotel Property Management System (PMS).

For Hotels,

This platform helps hoteliers to manage their hotel in-house operation like reservations, check-in/ checkout, cashiering, billing, audit and many reports.

Travel agents/ Corporate and individuals,
Integrated with travel agents/ corporate and individuals, where hoteliers could offer very special rates and allow them to book through our platform. Further platform notify any rate changes immediately.

Financial institutions,
Promote their cards, loans, facilities and new services to hotels and others.

Promote their products and services.

Educational institutions,
Provide external/ internal training, supply skilled staff on demand from their training centers, outsource services etc,


Apply today for free 30 days free trial.

Sapro HM ERP.... Keep ahead of your competitors. Cut costs. Increase profits. Reach peak efficiency and effectiveness. Achieve your goals. Realize your dreams.

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1. Online Reservation

Online reservations module enables simpler integration with the hotel website to allow online reservations. Once a booking is requested it will directly connect with the PMS database to retrieve data on room availability and the cost of selected room types before confirmation. Similarly a payment gateway can also be integrated to receive payments on online reservations.

  • Multiple room types
  • Room plan creation
  • Multiple meal plans
  • Seasons / contract period
  • Centralized and secured rates
  • Rate change upon authorization
  • Add/ Edit/ Delete Contracts upon authorization
  • Active / inactive contracts and only active is visible
  • Create common rate packages to link with tour operators
  • Link to preferred payment gateway
  • Confirmation email to guest
  • Confirmation email to hotel
  • Confirmation to Sapro onsite reservation module
  • Display online reservations in separate interface
  • One click to update

2. Onsite Reservation

A standard user-friendly reservations module designed to be operated by the front office staff. This can be used to effectively make all manual reservations for walk-in guests, email confirmations or tour operators without delays or extra hassle.

  • Countries & Nationalities
  • Multiple room types
  • Room plan creation
  • Multiple currency
  • Currency auto conversion
  • Tour operators
  • Markets
  • Multiple meal plans
  • Seasons / contract period
  • Centralized and secured rates
  • Rate change upon authorization
  • Add/ Edit/ Delete Contracts upon authorization
  • Active / inactive contracts and only active is visible
  • Create common rate packages to link with tour operators
  • Map contracts with related to next period / season
  • Arrival / departure time management
  • Arrival / departure meal management
  • Preferred room request
  • Add/Edit/Delete reservations uponauthorization
  • Multiple rooms / pax selection in single reservation
  • Multiple room types in single reservation
  • Alternative / deferent billing room types in single reservation
  • Reservation status – pending / confirm (pre-configured)
  • Condition – A/C or None AC (pre-configured required)
  • Support 15 paxes per room (pre-configured)
  • Express reservation cum check-in upon room status – GUI guided
  • Auto confirmation of reservation upon advance receipt
  • Auto transfer advance amount paid as deposit upon check-in
  • Forecast
    (a) Monthly
    (b) Room type
  • Check availability
  • Reservation Search by(a) Last name, First Name
    (b) Arrival / departure date
    (c) Reservation ID
    (d) Passport/ NIC
  • Retrieve/ search from guest histories
  • Performa invoice
  • Confirmation emails
  • Special notes
  • Meal reservations
  • Meal reservation contracts
  • Reports
  • Reservations
  • Cancellations
  • History
  • Graphs
  • Contracts
  • Advance receipts
  • Over 20 verities of reports and views
  • Customized reports

3. Front Office

Front office module can be considered the main module which enables handling of the entire operation. With the availability of multiple options such as creation, deletion and updating of room types, room management, meal plans and tour operator contracts etc. There is also the ability of configuring exchange rates in order to be updated on all bills as well as to support any form of tax levels. All reports and forecasts can also be accessed as per the front office requirements.

  • Room listing
  • Room allocation / deal location
  • Check in
  • Express check-in upon room status GUI
  • Late Check in
  • Search engine
  • Guest registration card
  • Welcome email
  • Forecast
  • Room status
  • Room change
  • Actions
  • Supplements management
  • Allotments
  • Specials
  • Checkout
  • Guest comment card email
  • Night audit
  • Reports
  • Room allocations
  • In-house guests
  • Chef’s report
  • Room plan
  • And all above listing / summaries and detailed
  • Over 30 verities of reports and views
    (a) Customized reports

4. Cashiering

This module is enabled to handle all payments and other monetary transactions, which will be automatically updated to the relevant accounts. Together with the ability to generate all types of reports through authorized access, this module will ensure smooth functioning of the hotel’s financial operations

  • User configurable tax table
  • Multiple currencies
  • Maintain daily / periodic currencies
  • Posting support any profit centers
  • Advance receipt
  • Part payment accept
  • Settlement
  • Checkout confirmation
  • Refund upon authorization
  • Encashment
  • Encashment via Credit / debit card

5. Night Audit

The best module to ensure the day end process is carried out smoothly at the end of each day’s operations. All transaction records within the day will be posted to the relevant locations and capture any unclosed/ unfinished transactions which will minimize errors and shortcomings.

  • Night audit reports
  • Room rate posting
  • Location wise audit interface with
    (a) Invoice wise(b) KOT /BOT wise(c) Item wise(d) KOT/BOT or Invoice wise notes to HOD via email (Optional)(e) Email module (Optional)

6. Point of Sale

Also referred to as POS, this can be utilized at any outlet that requires billing, such as restaurants, bars, gyms, spas etc. This module can be utilized to bill for both in-house guests and external parties. For in-house guests theses bills can be posted to the relevant rooms accordingly. The module consists of multiple price levels, settlement types as well as the facility of splitting bills.

  • Item selection by

(a) Pictorial

(b) Item codes or

(c) Description

  • Allocate waiters based locations
  • Waiters photos / name for easy and readability
  • Tables based locations
  • Configurable 2 item types
  • KOT/BOT ordering module
  • Item cancellation KOT/BOT
  • Split bills
  • Posting / settle
    (a) Cash(b) Credit card(c) Room(d) Tour operators(e) Hotel account(f) Owner account(g) Or any posting (pre configurable)
  • Discounts upon authorization
  • Different configurable tax table
  • Different configurable price levels
  • Order display monitor at kitchen
  • Reports
  • Daily / Shift sales summaries
  • Main category wise
  • Sub category wise
  • Item wise
  • Void bills
  • Void items
  • Customized reports

7. Restaurant Management Module

This module ensures overall management of restaurants where the users are enabled to update available menu items, rates, table details, stewarts information, etc.

  • Portion costing

(a) Ingredients

(b) Including utilities

8. Costing / Menu Engineering

Costing of all menu items can be managed through this module. The user is enabled to update all recopies of the menu items together with the ingredients and quantities which will be stored in the system. When a menu item is sold through the POS, the quantities of the relevant recipe ingredients will be reduced from the relevant sub store. This ensures easy inventory and menu record maintenance.

  • Portion costing

(a) Ingredients

(b) Including utilities

9. Housekeeping Module

With this module room status can be updated in order to obtain reports required by the housekeeping department.

    • Update room status
      (a)  Arrival list
      (b) Departure list
      (c) Special requests

10. Event Management / Banquet module

With the ability for complete banquet and event management through this module, the user is able to manage multiple locations together with menu selections, banquet arrangements, payments and forecasting.

  • Multi locations
  • Multi-function time definition
  • Menu selection
  • Cashier
  • Advance receipt
  • Special notes location wise
  • History
  • Forecasting
  • Different taxes
  • Customized Reports

11. Inventory

Maintain up-to-date and accurate store records with the inventory module which covers all areas of maintaining store inventory. Issuing of purchase requisitions, purchase orders, GRN, Store requisitions, issue notes, and transfer notes as well as generating all reports directing email alerts are some of the many functions of this module.

  • Categorization to two levels
  • Maintain re-order level/Qty, Min/Max qtyetc
  • Main stores and any number sub stores
  • Base unit maintenance for UOM
  • Purchase requisitions
  • Purchase orders
  • Goods Receive Notes (GRN)
  • Material Requisition Note (MRN)
  • Goods Issue Notes (GIN)
  • Goods Transfer Notes (GTN)
  • Goods Return Notes (GRTN)
  • Update GL (optional)
  • Reports
  • Listing of goods in several sorted formats
  • Re-order levels
  • Email alerts
  • Stock levels
  • All above reports
  • Customized reports

12. Integrated General Ledger

The complete finance module which enables the user to handle complete ledger transactions of the business will ensure smooth and accurate financial management and reporting.

  • Sales & Debtors
  • Sales
  • Cash & Credit Invoicing
  • Receipts for Debtors Settlements
  • Credit Notes & Sales Returns
  • Debtors Ageing Summary & Detail
  • Debtors Balance Summary & History
  • Overdue Invoice Reports
  • Post Dated Cheque Reports by Customer
  • Post Dated Cheque Reports by Deposit
  • Customer Contact List
  • Sales & Debtors – Reports
    (a) Sales by Item Summary & Detail
    (b) Sales by Customer Summary & Detail
    (c) Sales by Rep Summary & Detail
    (d) Sales by Division Summary & Detail
    (e) Sales by District Summary & Detail
    (f) Outstanding Sales orders by Customer
    (g) Outstanding Sales orders by Item
  • Purchase & Suppliers
    (a) Supplier Settlements
    (b) Accruals Entry
    (c) Supplier Direct Mailers
  • Banking & General Ledger
    (a) Cheque Entry
    (b) Cheque Books and Standard Printer
    (c) Printing Vouchers
    (d) Petty Cash Entry
    (e) Printing Petty Cash Vouchers
    (f) Fund Transfer Entry
    (g) Bank Reconciliation (Auto & Manual)
    (h) Journal Entry
  • Banking & General Ledger – Reports
    (a) Cash/Bank Book Report
    (b) Petty Cash Book Report
    (c) Bank Reconciliation Report
    (d) (Current & Past Months)
    (e) Journal Report
    (f) Transaction Detail report
    (g) General Ledger Report
    (h) Chart of Account List
    (i) Trial Balance
  • Other Modules
    (a) Handling Profit Centers
    (b) User Password Management
  • Other Features
    (a) Export Reports to Excel
    (b) Export Reports to PDF files
  • Purchase & Suppliers – Reports(a) Creditors Ageing Summary & Detail
    (b) Creditors Balance Summary & History
    (c) Unpaid Bills Report
    (d) Supplier Contact List
    (e) Purchases by Item Summary & Detail
    (f) Purchases by Supplier Summary & Detail
    (g) Purchases by Division Summary & Detail
    (h) Outstanding Purchase orders by Supplier

13. Payroll

The payroll module ensures accurate and easy maintenance of all staff salary particulars. With the ability to maintain total records of Overtime, no pay, shift based work, leaves and staff loans etc.

  • Multi business unit
  • Departments
  • Pre configure Leave type, OT, No pay
  • Working Category ( Non shift)
  • Working Category (Shift work)
  • Working Category ( Hourly)
  • Employee Details
  • Loan Type
  • Tax Category
  • Leave maintenance
  • Denominations
  • Pay slips / summaries
  • EPF / ETF reports
    (a) Holiday colander

14. Management Information System

This is an extremely important module for the lower level management in order to get a precise outlook through generating relevant reports in order to get a precise outlook in to each managerial area of the business.

  • All reports in the system
  • Audit Trail

15. Business Intelligent system

Mainly useful for the top management in order to make significant decisions based on the reports generated through this system in graphical format. The module enables to generate overall status of gains and losses via interactive graphs and charts of any given period.

  • Reports in variety of graphical interfaces
    (a) Location wise
    (b) Sales vs Cost
    (c) Profiles expenses
  • Daily / weekly / monthly / yearly

16. Administration module

This is the module for the overall access controlling of the system. Such as creating new users, assigning user roles, authorization levels and creating of cost/profit centers can be completely managed through this module.

  • Create, edit or delete users
  • User roles
  • Assign users / roles
  • Create cost / profit centers
  • Assign chart of accounts with purchases, sales, issues, etc
  • Assign authorizations

Sapro HM ERP…. Keep ahead of your competitors. Cut costs. Increase profits. Reach peak efficiency and effectiveness. Achieve your goals. Realize your dreams.

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