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About Us

Texonic Information Systems (Pvt) Ltd was formed in 1998, with group of IT professionals and consultants focused on providing hospitality, CTI (Computer-Telephony Integration) and retail solutions. Our humble beginnings have given us a unique perspective on the challenges of businesses trying to grow and today we are proud to be pioneering company in the industry with over 20 years of industry experience.

TiVA is The Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Hotel Property Management System Integration (PMSi) solution arm of the Texonic Information Systems (Pvt) Ltd. Apart of CTI and PMSi solutions, We have introduced TiVA Call Center, IVR, Voice Logger solutions since 2003.

Sapro is the hospitality solution arm of the Texonic Information Systems (Pvt) Ltd, introduced in 2009 to the market. Sapro solutions cater to hotels (Property Management System), Restaurants (Restaurant Management System) and Retail business solutions.

All these TiVA  and Sapro solutions are designed and developed by in-house team and therefore we can customize to its depth.

Today we have 24 x 7 customer care, serving large number of reputed clients in many countries. Our objective is to provide our clients with ‘Best Fit Design & Build Total Integrated Solution’ using leading edge technologies in standards-based quality solutions. We are humbled by the success of which is clearly endorsed by our clientele’s enthusiastic repeat contracts and recommendations.

We partnered with industry leaders in 12 countries and we are the NEC ( solutions partner for APAC since 2015.

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