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TiVA QMS, is designed and developed by TiVA. Easy to manage and use to both administration and customers.

Designed to update data in centralized server located in head office or data center. Each branch connected with high end PC to minimize losses and will be store when the connectivity lost between the server and the application at branch to minimize data losses.

Customer calling application

TiVA Teller app, Very light application, Installed in agents / tellers PC’s. login using user name and password to protect unauthorized access for security.

Teller should logging to this application to start sharing TiVA QMS services, Teller will call the next available number based on the token available for service.

Simply click the “Next customer” to call next available number through wall board.

Call the next customer if grace period activated.

Reports / MIS


  • Language wise
  • Product / service wise
  • List of tokens (date / time wise)
  • Counter (teller) Vs Rating (date / time wise)
  • Entry Vs Calling time including the rating
  • SMS summary (for reminders and token via SMS)
  • Branch / Region wise
    • Total token summary
    • Rating summary

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TiVA QMS – Queue Management System

Sapro queue management system can be utilized to manage and control all kinds of queues that are formed in various occasions for different reasons. The QMS system has the ability to control functions from issuing a token at the customer arrival up to the point of the final feedback. The special feature is that the token or the appointment can also be requested either via a mobile app or through a SMS.

The system is designed to update data in a centralized server located in the head office or the data center. However an intermediate high end PC will be stored in the branch to minimize data loss in case of a connectivity failure between the server and the application.

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